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Arcade games are famous for their uncomplicated and engaging gameplay, perfect for killing time. If that's what you've been looking for, welcome to our selection of the best arcade games for Android.

Arcade games

Arcade games

Arcade games have long been and still are one of the most popular genres. As a rule, they are characterized by transient sessions, simple tasks and an equally simple gameplay, and the complexity increases as you pass. As examples we can recall Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump and other hits of those days when smartphones were just beginning to gain weight as an independent gaming platform.

TOP 100

With these qualities arcade games are easy to get involved and fun to play, and the process for a long time does not get bored, and want to return to him again and again. This is facilitated by the fact that these games are usually notable for the depth of narration or intricate game mechanics, and do not need to delve into them, and the duration of the game session is assumed small. Thus, they are great for quick entertainment when you want to. The popularity of the genre has led to a huge number of Arcade games TOP 100, both unusual and original, and all kinds of clones of frankly low quality. It's easy to get lost in this variety, but we've compiled for you a list of games that you should pay attention to first - we hope that among them you'll find something interesting.

Key features of the arcade games genre

Endless gameplay. Most classic arcade games are gameplay tied to scoring points, passing as many obstacles as possible, and so on. They essentially have no end, so players challenge their abilities or compete with friends to see who can hold out the longest or collect the maximum number of points. Availability of a player score. This is a very important element of arcades, as it serves as a motivator in completing various tasks. And the more points you have accumulated, the cooler you are! The absence of a storyline. Usually the creators of arcades do not devote players in the plot twists and turns, and immediately offer to go into the thick of events.


This section contains all Arcade games for Android. In this catalog you can choose a game for your gaming platform, in the genre of Arcade. Each game contains all the necessary information - description, release date, videos, screenshots, user reviews, articles and download links.

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